How to Hard Reset iPhone 7

Resetting smartphones could be useful in many situations. In case your smartphone got infected by any serious malware or it is slowing down gradually, a hard reset can be the life saver. We covered many articles related to Android device reset procedure, but we were not into the iPhone’s which the second popular smartphone seller in the globe. So, we’ve decided to write an article on resetting the iPhone 7 in case you encountered any errors or problems during the usage of the lovely device.

In this article, we will be providing the simple process to hard reboot your iPhone 7. If you own one and has been looking for the steps, this might be what you were looking for. While the iPhone 7 put some good features into it jumping slightly from the previous generation, some users blaming it for the performance issues. True or false, if you met with such situations after installing too many applications from the store or after making any changes to the firmware, a hard reset might be the problem solver. So, have a look at the following steps to hard reset iPhone 7.

How to Hard Reboot iPhone 7 Easily

It is super easy to hard reset iPhone 7 as we’ve seen in other siblings. But a slightly different in the process, users have to press and hold Power and Volume Down keys until the Apple logo appears. That’s all what you have to do to hard reboot your iPhone 7. The process is much quicker when compared to the previous models and has nothing else to do in the process. However, you should hold the keys at least for 10 seconds to make the Apple logo appear on the screen. In case you don’t find anything on the screen for a while, you might be holding the keys in the wrong way.

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