Top 5 Best Apps for Android Tablet

There has been a lot of talk on the role that tablets have to play in the technology land scope. Putting that aside, owners of tablet know how fun and great these devices are especially when you use the right apps on them. Here are some of the few apps that you should consider trying in order to enjoy your tablet experience.

Best Apps for Android Tablet

#1. Flipboard

Let’s start off the list with a news app. For those that love being up to date with the latest news, they’ll have surely crossed paths with Flipboard. The app’s user interface is one similar to a magazine and offers the user a great way to read the news. On top of that, the news feed can also be customized such that you get information from the sources you enjoy.


  • Create your own magazine and add favorite stories, images and videos
  • Daily Edition, a section that allows you to read news handpicked by the editorial staff
  • Get highlights of the news
  • A widget for quick access

Flipboard - Latest News, Top Stories & Lifestyle

#2. Clover Paint

This app is a bit pricey at $7.56, but trust us when we say it’ll ignite the artist within you. The app’s interface combined with the large screen makes it great for tablets. The app provides the user with many customization options such as brushes, canvas sizes and layers as well. On top of that, it also has stylus support (looking at you Samsung).


  • Stylus support is available
  • Customization options such as the canvas size and many more
  • Almost unlimited number of layers*

*This depends on the device memory

Clover Paint

#3. Google Drive Suite

Google has been very influential on Android and other platforms as well. One of the ways that they keep themselves on top is through the Google Drive Suite. The suite involves a ton of apps such as Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Photos and Google Keep. Each one serves its own purpose and is meant to help on certain aspects. For instance, Google Keep is for note taking and Google Drive is for cloud storage. Having these on the tablets is a great idea as they can help increase productivity. The Suite is not a single app in itself. You’ll need to download every app in individually depending on which you think will be useful for you.


  • Take notes when needed
  • Safely store files in the cloud
  • Create Excel files and documents on the go

Google Drive

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#4. Here Maps

Google Maps normally comes with every Android device preinstalled, but there is another option, Here maps. One of the many reasons that you should get this app’s offline support. You can download the maps for use when offline. This includes navigation as well. It’s definitely a great option if you use your tablet for GPS. Not all tablets work well with this app, but the developer is trying to fix that.


  • All of the information about your route on your fingertips from cost of tickets, taxi fares
  • Offline support means it keeps working when there is no network

HERE WeGo Maps & Navigation

#5. Push Bullet

To close off this list, here is the Push Bullet. This app allows you to connect your smartphone and tablet in a new and unique way. Once connected, you can answer texts from one device on the other, transfer files from one device to the other and also copy-paste information between the two. It makes your devices communicate and work together.


  • Connect two devices be it a computer and a phone, a phone and a tablet
  • Send and receive messages (meant for your phone) from your tablet
  • Move and transfer files between the devices

Pushbullet: SMS on PC and more

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