Top 10 Games Like for Android and iOS is currently the in thing when it comes to multiplayer online gaming. It combines snake with (a game also on this list). The premise of is pretty simple. You start off a small snake, the objective is to grow by eating orbs.

I know that doesn’t sound interesting, but there is a competitive angle to it. There are other snakes on the board that you need to trick into knocking you (which kills them), so that you can claim their orbs. If you’re a fan of addictive like games, then here are 10 games like

10 Best Games Like for Android and iOS


To begin our list of top addictive games, we have I’d like to call this a streamlined and thus better version of In this game, you start of as a cell. The aim is to grow in size and beat your opponents. The best part has to be the features it offers around the gameplay. You can eject mass, speed up and even split in half to increase your numbers. It works great on mobile and is quite addictive.

Mitosis: The Game


This here has to be the king of top games like It’s this game that kicked off the category and genre as well. It’s a popular game that starts you off as a small colored 2D cell. Your objective is similar to the one in, grow!! You can do this by consuming other cells run by other users. Like, you can split your cell so as to consume more opponents around you.

#3. Meme Eat ‘Em All!!

Memes are also a millennial thing. They are a trend that has gotten pretty popular. What this game does is take advantage of that trend to appeal to a group of people. Meme Eat ‘Em All has you start off as a rage face that eats smaller faces and food in order to grow. The premise of the game is actually quite similar to Some of the other famous memes such as “troll face”, “we got a badass over here” and “Y U No” among many others are available as playable characters. One thing that’s different is that you need to consume more resources if you want to see an exponential increase in size. I guess you can say it’s a bit difficult. Sorry android fans, the game is only available on iOS. By the way, you start off as a derp and not a ball.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁


An addictive game in itself, it looks like it combines and in its gameplay concepts. The main aim of the game is to grow by consuming the scattered objects around you. To aid you on your quests are a bunch of unique power-ups as well as level ups. The pace of the game is slightly slower, but it does incorporate some challenges such as scattered spike walls. You can expect to have a fun time with this one.

Super (Multiplayer)


You can call this a clone with better features. is quite similar with as you control a worm that eats scattered items and opponents to grow. This game made our top 10 as it does incorporate some great additional features such as barriers on the edges that can kill the worm, customization options that allow you to change the skin of the worm to what you like. On top of that, you can also eject mass and speed up. Of course, the best for last, you can zoom out to have a better look of the map and it’s more interactive as it has a chat section on the bottom right. A clone it is, but a clone with better features I guess. The Game


This has to be one of the games on our top 10 list that’s slightly different than the rest. It has kind of the same concept, but with slightly different mechanics. In this game, you operate a tank and get to shoot at stuff. It’s through this that you get the ability to upgrade your tank. Don’t forget to stay out of other tanks line of fire as you have limited life. Survive long enough and you might get to upgrade to the rare eight-gun tank. An unstoppable machine that destroys everything in its path.


#7. Osmos HD

This has to be one of the most addictive games of android with many awards including game of the year. The game combines physics, survival and eat ‘em up. How you ask? The game starts you off as a single cell organism that grows by absorbing smaller motes, but with a catch. In order to propel yourself, you need to lose a part of yourself i.e. eject matter to propel. In order to win you need to be strategic, propel too much and you get smaller and become an easier target. Don’t propel and you fail to advance.

Osmos HD

#8. Nokia Snake Online

This game is mostly for the retro fans who are big fans of the old-school game. The gameplay concept is similar to the original Nokia games with no improvements at all. Don’t be fooled by the name though as it’s not endorsed by Nokia. This game is just a flash version available to everyone for free. Retro fans, enjoy.

#9. Armageddon Advanced

Things are about to get confusing. This top game takes its game concept from Tron which in a way is similar to In Tron, you take control of a Tron vehicle that leaves behind a trail of color. In the game, you try to beat your opponents by having them hit your trail. Armageddon advanced takes up the same concept, but with a 3D twist to it. One can consider it a revamped version of the classic Tron game.

#10. Nebulous

Toc lose off our list of top games like is Nebulous. A game that’s kind of like or The premise is similar although it does take a page from Osmos HD as well. You start off as a blob that needs to eat to grow, but you can’t propel yourself without ejecting matter. In order to win, you need to combine strategy and timing. It’s a great game overall.


That’s it for our list of top 10 games like Is there a top game you think we missed? Let us know in the comments section below.

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