How to Disable AutoPlay of Videos in Google Chrome by Default

Facebook, YouTube and almost all video file supporting web services enabled autoplay of videos. They may find this feature as user convenience, as the user scrolls down all video content start playing automatically. But for some users, especially for those who don’t have enough data to play all those videos and carefully browsing the internet by saving every bit of their data, this is not that convincing. So, they might end up in a data drain problem within a few minutes of browsing through Facebook or other video autoplay enabled websites.

To solve this issue, some popular sites like Facebook has offered turn off autoplay feature in the settings. You can turn off video autoplay on Facebook by following these steps.

  1. Open Facebook.
  2. Got to Settings.
  3. In the Settings, go to Videos.
  4. Here turn off AutoPlay feature.

Like that many other video giants including the YouTube provide an option to disable the autoplay feature. Whenever you finished streaming a video, by default, YouTube will load the next video. But once the autoplay toggle button is turned off, the next video will not be played automatically.

But what if you want to disable autoplay of videos completely on Google Chrome? Instead of turning off the autoplay feature in each one of those websites, what if you can change a single option and never look back? Yes, there is actually a feature which allows doing so.

If you are using the Google Chrome browser and wanted to turn off the video autoplay in any website that you visit through the browser, there is a way to do it. Below are the steps.

How to Disable AutoPlay of Videos in Google Chrome by Default

This tweak works for any kind of web page that loads videos automatically. So, you will never again want to disable the auto-playing videos on individual websites.

  1. Open Google Chrome browser.
  2. Copy and paste the following command in the Google Chrome search bar.
  3. This command will open a Chrome Flags page.
  4. In the Chrome Flags page, you will see an option AutoPlay Policy.Disable Video Autoplay on Google Chrome
  5. Now click on the drop-down menu in the Auto Policy and select “Document user activation required“.

That’s it, now the Google Chrome will never autoplay videos until you change the above settings back to the default.

Chrome Flags are Google’s experimental features which are hidden from consumers. These settings are meant for developers and advanced users who want to dig deeper. If you dig into Chrome Flags you will find a nice set of features which are very advanced in functionality. Google hasn’t enabled Flags feature yet in the consumer Chrome build.

Coming to Chrome Flags advanced features, it has some unique Chrome tinkering options like disabling video autoplay by default, one-click audio muting, smooth scrolling, FPS Counter, password generation, exploring additional keyboard shortcuts, download status notification center, material design downloads and much more.

That’s all for now, we soon come up with the more detailed article about Chrome Flags.

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