Where to Host your Images for an HTML Email?

Sending an HTML email is quite easy using the abundance of email services out there. However, hosting the images to be used in those HTML emails is not that easy, or at least most of you are confused about it. This can be critical for those who frequently send newsletters to their audience or targetted customers. Email outreach programs also need catchy images to be included in order to gain the maximum results. So, hosting images to use in HTML emails is always important.

Host Images for HTML Email

So, you need a place where you can simply upload your images and use those images in your emails just by putting the URL, right? This way, it will be way easier to craft perfect email templates with an abundance of images which will considerably improve your conversion rates. Without further explanation, here are the places where you can host your images for an HTML email.

The Mail Service Account

Most of the email services such as MailChimp allows storing few images on their servers to be used in the emails. So, you can easily drag and drop the required images to the mail designer and craft your perfect email newsletter or any other kind of HTML emails. But such services will only allow you to upload files with a certain size. For example, MailChimp has a limit of 1 MB for the image attachments and 10 MB for other types of supported files. So, this might be a problem for those who need a lot of work in the HTML emails.

In such cases, you might have to host your images somewhere else and use those images to add to your HTML emails. We listed some of the best places to hold your images to use in all your HTML emails or newsletters to your customers or subscribers. Go through them.

Free Image Hosting Websites

There are several free image hosting websites available on the internet. You can just visit those sites, upload your files, and use the attachment links to use in your HTML emails. For example, MailChimp has a Flickr integration that integrates your Flickr account to the MailChimp and let you use the Flickr images and galleries to be used in your email campaigns. This way, it will be way easier to create HTML emails or outreach campaigns without worrying about the limitation of your mail management service.

On a CDN

Alternatively, you can host the images to be used in HTML emails on a CDN service. The CDN services like MaxCDN is extremely effective in delivering the content in the fastest way possible. So, it will be way more effective than using a free image hosting site. However, you will have to pay some amount to get these CDNs running. Which means, they are not free of cost. That’s why we put it below the image hosting websites. If you can pay for the CDN, it is best to go with a good CDN service to host your email attachments.

In your Cloud Account

Either you want to host images for your website or for the HTML emails, cloud services are always a good solution. Just upload your files to a certain folder, and start using them in your email campaigns. Unlike the free image hosting and the CDN, hosting images on the cloud gives more flexibility in managing and organizing images. While both of the above ones will not allow you to directly organize the images (or at least they are difficult), cloud services are much more convenient to host HTML email attachments.

On your Own Server

The next solution is hosting the image attachments on your own server. If you already own a server for any of your websites, you can create a separate folder for your email attachments and host it there. If you don’t have a server, they are available as low as $5/month. So, if you don’t like or can’t afford any of the above solutions, hosting images on your own server is also worth a try.

Things to consider while sending an HTML email with Images

Let’s take a little deviation from the matter of this article. Now, you know where to host those images to use in your HTML emails. However, there are certain things that you should be aware of. We listed some most important ones out of them below. So make sure that you follow them while sending image attached HTML mails.

Avoid using background images

Yes, you heard me right. You should avoid using background images for your HTML emails. Studies found that the emails without any fancy works or background images tend to be converting well when compared to those emails with a lot of images as well as backgrounds. Background mail images also create readability issues (if used incorrectly) and can considerably increase the size of the email. So, considering all these problems, it is better to reduce the background image usage in your emails.

Don’t excessively use images

Do not let the images overrun your content. Using a lot of images in your HTML emails can considerably increase the size of your emails. Apart from that, many spam finding systems filter out such emails where the images are comparatively higher than the text content. So, only make use of images when it really suits to be used. If you want to include a lot of images in your emails, add enough text content to the body so that the images will not outrun the content of the email.

Do not use Copyrighted images

Not only in emails, but it is not recommended to use copyrighted images anywhere, like your website, or blog. There are tons of free image download websites available on the internet that allows you to download high-quality images for free of cost. You can visit any one of them and download appropriate images to use in your emails. So, be safe and use free images in all your outreach campaigns and newsletters.

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