Best Mobile Data Tracking Apps for Android

Our smartphones are very important to us. It is not just a phone for calling and texting. It is our calendar, our organizer, and our gaming device. Not only that, but it is also our number one gadget for surfing the web and checking our social media profiles. That’s why it hogs not only our phone’s battery but also the phone’s mobile data. So for this post, we have come up with best mobile data tracking apps for Android smartphones. Now, you don’t have to worry if you’re using too much data. Let’s begin!

1. Traffic Monitor

If you are looking for an overall bandwidth monitoring tool then go for Traffic Monitor. This app helps users in keeping track of their data consumption. What the app does is it shows the users how they are consuming data through a month-long overview. You will be able to see which site you frequently visit and which ones consume the most data.

The app is packed with almost all utilities like Speed Test, Signal Quality Check, App Data Usage Monitor and much more. You can set the data usage limit to know how much you are using. Traffic Monitor is one of the best data monitoring app available for Android.

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Data Usage Monitor

2. Data Usage Monitor

With this app, you get to see the mobile usage, Wi-Fi usage, as well as the traffic speed. Data Monitor gives you a widget so you don’t have to keep on opening the app to check. Another thing is that it has a lot of graphs to show you so you get a visual representation of how you are using your mobile data.

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3. DataWiz

DataWiz is surely a wiz when it comes to tracking data usage because it does not only track the past and the present usage, it can also predict the future usage. The app gets to track data that is tied to the GPS information, allowing the users to have an idea on where the data is being used. Another feature it offers is a VOIP calling among users.

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3G Watchdog - Data Usage

4. 3G Watchdog

For monitoring your mobile data usage, 3D Watchdog offers you real-time details about it. You can use this app for free. But if you want more features, there is also a paid version available. But the free version is good enough for checking your usage. The app will surely be a watchdog for your mobile data usage.

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My Data Manager

5. My Data Manager

This app is already famous among users. However, in case you haven’t heard about this app until now, then this one’s for you. Some of the features that My Data Manager offers include checking the usage of multiple devices, keeping track of the members that you share your mobile data plan with, notifying you if you are close to your mobile data limit, roaming usage, and Wi-Fi. This app has everything you need when it comes to tracking your mobile data.

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The Best Network Monitoring Android App award goes to…

You now have five great options for keeping track of your mobile data usage. Our first choice goes to Traffic Monitor app. This app has some unique features which others don’t have.

Try some of the apps that we have listed here so you get to know the many features that they have to offer. All of the apps we have listed above don’t cost a thing. There may be paid versions but they are optional. You can certainly start using them immediately for free. All you need to do is take your pick and download.

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