Netflix Plans – Account Restrictions, Profiles, Free Trial, Internet speed

People always like to stream movies and TV shows. Netflix is a top streaming service and has a large number of users. Most of its users share the password with their family and friends to save few bucks off them. Actually, Netflix allows its users to stream to multiple devices simultaneously. But, it depends on the Netflix plans.

Netflix Billing Plans

There are three different subscription plans available with Netflix. All the three plans allow every single content available on Netflix to watch. There is no restriction on it. Only the number of simultaneous streaming is limited and it differs plan to plan.

  • With the basic account, which costs $7.99, only one device can stream at a time.
  • With the standard account, which costs $10.99, two devices can stream at the same time.
  • With the premium account, which costs $14.99, four devices can stream at the same time.

In addition, one should note that the HD and Ultra HD content is not available for the basic account users and Ultra HD content is not available for the standard account users.

Registered Devices and Profiles

One Netflix account can register up to six devices at any time. A Netflix account can have up to five profiles. For kids, there is a specific “kids friendly” profile feature, which helps them to manage easily and show kids related content. The above features are helpful for a small group of friends or for a small family.

Free Trial for the First Month

If you haven’t tried the Netflix yet, here is an opportunity for you to try it free. Every new user can get their first month free from Netflix. The free trial is available in most of the regions but not in a few. Other than this, there is no restriction on the free trial account. You can cancel the account any time without any cancellation charges.

Internet Connectivity Speeds and Limitations

Finally, there is one limitation, which makes some people wish to stay away from Netflix. You need an internet connection with a download speed of 3 MB per second for standard quality video streaming. If you want to stream HD videos, then you need to have a data connectivity at 5 MB per second. For ultra UD videos, you need a 25 MB per second internet connection. Other than the connectivity speed, you also need an unlimited internet connection to enjoy unlimited video streaming.

However, most of the western Netflix users from western countries are afford the above internet connection speed and unlimited data. Many of the Asian and some of the developing countries are not having the infrastructure to provide internet data at faster speeds or unlimited. This is a reason why Netflix is not available in those regions.

Final Words

Netflix is a great video streaming service, which is available in more than 190 countries. What we like in their service is they never limit the video content. You can watch anything available inside the Netflix with a basic account or even with a free trial. Their subscription plans are reasonable. The internet connectivity limitations are the only thing looks negative in having a Netflix account.

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