How to Turn on Flashlight

A mobile phone comes equipped with a large feature base. There are many that help users in a long list of ways. One of the best features of any device is about its flashlight. Every android phone comes with a flashlight, which can come handy when you are lacking a physical torch flash, and you need to search for something. Searching for the flash option during such moments are kind of tough, and we need to seek the whole menu in order to launch the flash. To turn on flashlight there are many methods available. However, we need quick and easy ways to open it.

There are a number of third-party apps which helps us to turn on flashlight by a physical button, or some gestures on the screen, or shaking the phone, or anything else. Let us have a look at the different ways in which you can operate the flashlight on the smartphone.

1. The Stock Way

All the different custom ROMs maker has started including the flash button on the notification panel, even the stock ROM comes with one. If you have to scroll much to find the same, you can edit the notification panel and bring the flashlight icon to the first page, this will help you to find the flashlight icon in an emergency with just scrolling the notification panel down.

  1. Swype down the notification panel.
  2. Here you will see a Torch icon beside your Wifi and other shortcut option.
  3. Tap on the torch icon to turn on flashlight instantly.

2. With Volume Buttons

If you want to trigger your volume button for the flashlight you will have to install a third party app which is Torchie, with this you can make the volume button to be triggered as a torchlight. The app is quite lightweight at just 4MB. Another best feature is that there are no ads included in the app hence you will not have any annoying ads popping up when you are using the volume trigger.

There are even features or options such as Screen On, Lock Screen, and Screen Off, where you can set if you want the feature to work even with the following screen state. You can also select the torch source, which can be chosen from the rear flash, front flash, or a screen light up, which will make the full screen to bright. Do note that you will need to give the app Accessibility Service permission for it to work perfectly.

3. Shake the Flash to turn on

You might have the problem about the volume button being utilized for the same, and you might have accidentally turned the flash on instead of changing the volume, this can be done right with the help of gestures. One of the gesture is to shake the phone to turn the flashlight on. For this to happen you can install another free app which is named as Shake Flashlight. Once done, open the app once and set all the necessary settings so that you can start triggering the flashlight.

In the app we get a host of different settings which include Shake Sensitivity which you can change like from Low to High, here you will have to shake the phone hard or lightly respectively to trigger the flash. Just keep in mind it will turn on again if you shake the phone with required intensity. Also for this also to work you will need to turn the accessibility service on.

4. Flashlight Widget

Every company has this widget in their stock list, with this you can easily trigger the flashlight without any issue. The widget is on the first page, and you can just switch on your phone and turn on the flash, here it is more secure and you won’t be triggering the flash automatically hence you will not have embarrassing situations where your flash is turned on by mistake.

In order to use the flash widget, open your App drawer and scroll to the widget section. Find the Widget you want to add, and long press on the same until it is available to place on your home screen. If you still have any issue with the same then you can easily download a third party app which will trigger the flashlight from the widget.

5. Use Google to turn the flashlight on

This is the best way to turn on flashlight when you are not able to use your hand. You can easily call out Ok Google to turn on the Google Assistance, once done you will be able to give her order about turning on the flashlight. It will take a single second to a minute depending on the speed of your internet speed and then the flashlight will turn on.

6. Using the Power Button

Although we discussed about the volume button, it might be irritating as some devices have already some of the shortcuts enabled for the volume button. Alternatively, you can trigger the flash with help of Power Button, again you will need another third party application which is named as Power Button Flashlight/Torch. With this, you can easily trigger the flash. In the settings you can select the number of times you will need to tap the power button to trigger the flash, there are even settings about the phone state so you don’t accidentally trigger the flash when it is in the pocket.

Originally the flash is used by the camera to brighten up the environment so that you can take good pictures, while this is the secondary use of the flash. Do note that if you are using flash then you will not be able to use the camera, as flash is a component of a camera and it won’t function without it being on. Also note that using flash for a continuous period of time will degrade the life of the phone, even the battery be utilized at a high rate, hence use the flashlight only for limited period.

7. By using Apps

Here are some dedicated apps to turn on flashlight on your Android. These apps provide a quick and easy way to start torchlight.

Do you have any other way to trigger the flashlight? Do let us know about the same in the comment section below. Also, let us know your review if you have used any of the above methods.

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