How to take control on your Netflix Data usage?

A decade ago 2G or EDGE speeds ruled us with insufficient data speeds. Time has flown, now we are entering into the 5G era. No matter in which data speed era you are entering, there are still bandwidth regulations that restrict users from enjoying unlimited data on the go.

Netflix is that one service, we forget about the data restrictions while using it. The seamless stream of entertainment is favorite for everyone. But the restrictions on mobile data is fairly common for every user unless you opt for an unlimited data plan.

Are you concerned about your data usage while watching Netflix? The data hogging is stopping your enjoyment? No problem, there are many ways to enjoy the Netflix on a limited data plan without compromising on your watching habits.

Yes, this article deals with many tips for Netflix users who are in a strict data plan. So, what are you waiting for? Jump into the article and enjoy the Netflix.

Track Data Usage by Netflix on Android and iOS

Before going to restrict data for Netflix, make sure how much it is using. For monitoring data consumption by Netflix, you need an app that can monitor data for you. My Data Manager is an app which is available for both Android and iOS platforms for free. This app can check the data consumption used by each and every app installed on your phone. Apart from the mobile data plan, this app can monitor the shared plan as well.

After checking the Netflix data usage statistics, you can proceed to the below steps to take control of the data usage.

Change Mobile Data Preferences

Netflix has options to set your mobile data preferences, these options include video and audio streaming quality. Using these options, you can save your mobile data significantly within the limits.

  • Automatic: This option comes by default, the Netflix automatically set this option based on your mobile data speed. It is a balanced plan for both data and streaming quality.
  • Save Data: If you are on mobile data, data saver is the best option to save data on the go. This option compromise the audio and video quality of the Netflix shows.
  • Maximum Data: Maximum Data option has no restrictions on your data while using Netflix. Based on your mobile data or Wifi speed, the Netflix squeezes maximum bandwidth to serve you the best video and audio quality.
  • WiFi Only: WiFi only option lets you play the videos only when you are connected to a wireless network. This option stops playing videos on mobile data. If you are not connected to a wireless network, the Netflix will act like as you were offline.

To access these settings, open Netflix on your mobile and go to the menu icon at the bottom of the screen.

Offline Viewing

If you can’t control your Netflix viewing habit, you have the other choice to save your cellular data. Yes, it is offline viewing. You can download the movies and shows when you have unlimited Wireless network in your home. You can watch the downloaded videos whenever you want to watch.

Offline viewing is available for all users, regardless of what type of plan they are on. To download movies or TV shows, tap on the download button and it will start downloading the content.

Note that not all movies and TV shows can be downloaded offline. Most of the popular shows are available for online streaming only, so it depends on what you want for offline viewing.

Wifi Bandwidth Control on Netflix

Some ISP gives unlimited packages under FUP limitations. If you have this kind of ISP, you can use below Wifi bandwidth control tips to monitor and control Netflix data.

Netflix has 3 options for streaming.

  • Low Quality: Low-quality streaming consumes very fewer data. It will only use around 0.3GB data per on hour video streaming.
  • Medium Quality: With SD streaming, you can watch Netflix in medium quality. This quality of video roughly uses 0.7GB data per one-hour video streaming.
  • High Quality: High quality usually uses 3G or 4G data speeds. If you have a 4K plan, you can expect high bandwidth consumption on Netflix. This plan consumes nearly 6GB of data per hour.

Check the data speed and limit offered by your ISP and set the video quality in the Netflix playback options. If you set the streaming quality related to your speed and data limit, it will significantly meet the data restriction limits.

Summing up

Netflix is a very popular service with a massive video database. It is very hard to control watching Netflix for the sake of a limited data plan. If your data usage is out of control due to the Netflix streaming, follow the above options to limit it.

We will come up with a solution for revealing hidden shows in Netflix soon and more related Netflix tips and tricks.

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