How to Access US Netflix While in China

Netflix has a unique fan base around the world. Unfortunately, in some parts of the world Netflix unavailable and in some countries they are expecting to launch soon. If you are planning to travel to China or if you are a resident of China, you know the US Netflix is not available in the country. Due to the regional-restrictions, you can’t stream exclusive US based TV shows, documentaries, and other content on Netflix in China. If you want to watch US shows outside of the country or in China, you need to use alternative methods to access it.

Without a US IP address, you can’t access a complete catalog of shows on Netflix. No problem, a good VPN can unblock the regional restrictions placed on Netflix. An ideal VPN not only masks the location of you, but it also secures browsing sessions, unblocking blocked websites and many more benefits.

Best Ways to Unblock US Netflix in China

Many people are opting VPN’s to unblock entertainment content. VPN’s are a great way to enjoy the restricted content without any hassle. VPN’s are better than Proxies. A proxy server is an easy solution to work, but in terms of speed and bandwidth, Proxies are far behind the VPN’s performance. In the proxy, you can’t choose the desired location like VPN offer. Even Netflix can smell the proxy usage if you want to open it from a proxy server.

A VPN is the best companion for you if you want to access blocked content from a restricted location. They offer user-friendly features like custom location selection, unlimited bandwidth, Netflix friendly features, dedicated apps for multi-platform support and many more.

How to Choose a good VPN?

As we discussed above, a good VPN comes with a bundle of feature which makes use simple and as well as secure enough to hide your online presence. There are plenty of VPN services available online. Some of them are offering free services and some are paid. If you want outstanding performance with strict no log policy, a paid VPN is the best choice.

Also, China’s control over the data used by their people is very strict and many of the VPN’s are failed to anonymize the user identity. Only a few VPN services are worked good in strict conditions and rules applied by China.

These are the criteria we considered to choose the best VPN for unblocking US Netflix in China. Read all the points below before making a selection.

  • Servers: The availability of servers makes the VPN fast and the possibility of unblocking content. If you want to unblock US Netflix, the VPN has to own US servers.
  • Availability: First and foremost availability is the important criteria before going to start. We choose only top-tier VPN which is available in China with good support.
  • Multiplatform Support: Multiplatform support is a must for every VPN. An average user use at least 2-3 devices like smartphone, tablet, and laptop. VPN services which have Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux platforms support are advisable.
  • Strict No-Log Policy: Without a strict no-log policy a VPN service is useless. We have checked the no-log policy rules by the companies and selected the best ones who stand by their words.

Best VPN’s to unblock US Netflix in China

Now we concluded a VPN is suitable than a proxy for unblocking locked content. Now it is the time to pick a right VPN for your entertainment needs. There are several VPN’s in the market claiming they are suitable for unblocking Netflix. We found the following services are trustworthy and doing what they are promised.

1. ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN is a very popular name in the VPN industry with promising features. It is one of the VPN which follows strict no-log policy and proven themselves in some cases. A good speed is one of the important factors while selecting a VPN. It is most important for while choosing a VPN for unblocking entertainment content. If you want to stream a full HD or 4K content on a normal speed VPN you will feel regret at the end. Only a fast speed VPN can serve the media streaming at faster download and upload speeds. The Express VPN can handle the media streaming needs without any hiccups. With a 100 MBPS internet connection, we are able to get a download speed of 84 MBPS approximately which makes it the fastest VPN service available.

ExpressVPN has almost all qualities of an ideal VPN should possess. It has features like anonymous IP, P2P Servers, over 94 countries, 2000+ servers around the world, kill switch, strict no-log policy and lastly Netflix compatibility. The Express VPN is founded in 2009 and located in the tax-free British Virgin Islands. It has a strong 256- bit AES encryption, which is the safest protocol for strict anonymity. It has 2 servers in the US and one is located in Canada, which is ideal for Netflix streaming. For accessing blocked US Netflix content in China, ExpressVPN is our first recommendation.

Pricing starts from $12.95 per month.

  • What we liked: Fast Servers, Smart Play, Strong Encryption
  • Downside: Pricey, Only 3 simultaneous connections.

2. NordVPN


NordVPN is another interesting VPN service which has a fan base around the world. It offers super speed servers and user-friendly features to its user. It is yet another established VPN service with cheaper pricing than ExpressVPN and offers equivalent features. Security wise, NordVPN is quite strong and it has security protocols like 56-bit encryption on OpenVPN with 2,048-bit Diffie-Hellman keys is more than enough for every security concerned user. The service is located in Panama, where no one has the right to access or ask the user data from the company.

Coming to the NordVPN Netflix friendly features, unlimited bandwidth is its main asset. It has a built-in smart play technology which can block Netflix attempts to block their service. The company has more than 5,400 servers across 61 countries with a strong servers base in the US. NordVPN comes with affordable pricing and also offers 30 days money back guarantee for new users.

Pricing starts from $11.95 per month.

  • What we liked: Safe Jurisdiction, Fast Servers, Multi-Platform support
  • Downside: Pricing

3. IPVanish


IPVansih is our third recommendation for users in China who want to access US Netflix shows. It is a powerful VPN service to unblock the content and breaks the online censorship by the companies and Universities. IPVanish promises the fastest VPN coverage across the globe. It has 40,000+ shared IP’s, 1200+ VPN servers located in 60+ countries.

IPVanish connections are pretty fast enough to stream the Netflix content even in 4K format. Also, the company has strong security protocols like IKEv2, OpenVPN, and L2TP/IPsec VPN protocols and including SOCKS5 web proxy, especially for VOIP connections. Apart from Netflix, IPVansih also supports anonymous torrenting, which means you can access blocked torrent sites anywhere in the world. It is available for all platforms and allows 10 simultaneous connections on multiple devices.

Pricing starts from $10.00 per month.

  • What we liked: Torrent and Netflix support, affordable pricing, Tor Compatibility
  • Downside: Mediocre Support

How to get started?

To get started you need an active Netflix subscription. If you are new to Netflix, first purchase a Netflix account. We recommend the best VPN services which have multi-platform support in the above. It means you can start watching Netflix on any device like PC, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. Once you purchase the VPN service any of the given above, now start using the service by installing the dedicated VPN app provided by the company. Now open the VPN app and enter your account details to log in.

After logged in, now select the US servers in the available server locations list. Now login to the Netflix app in the same device where you installed the VPN service. That’s it, now you can access any US show in the Netflix without any disturbance.

Summing up

These are the best VPN services available to access US Netflix content anywhere in the world including China. Chinese people are facing strict banning over many popular services like Pinterest, Twitter, Skype, Facebook, and many more applications. If you are living in China or traveling to China, these are the best-recommended VPN services to unblock the restricted sites and services.

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