How to enable the dark mode on Google Chrome

Most of the themes, programs, and reading software comes with the dark mode. Dark mode is especially for those who are interested in the minimalistic and dark background. The latest Google Chrome build 73 is packed with dark theme support. It is one of the most awaited features for Google Chrome users.

The dark mode feature is rolled out for both the Windows and Mac users. It is easy to get the dark mode in Chrome for Mac, but for Windows, you need some tweaks to enable it.

Follow the below steps to enable Google Chrome dark mode in Windows and Mac.

Enabling Google Chrome Dark Mode in Mac

Enabling dark mode in the latest Google Chrome on Mac is a pretty simple process. If you are haven’t updated the browser to the latest build, start the update first. In order to update Google Chrome, open the browser first.

Google Chrome Options

Now click on the 3 dots menu at the top right corner of the Window and click on Help at the bottom of the screen.

About Google Chrome

Clicking on the Help will show the “About Google Chrome” as the first option. Once you open the About Google chrome option, it will automatically look for the latest version to download and update. After finishing the update, Google Chrome asks to relaunch the browsers to make changes.

On Mac, you will get Chrome dark mode option only if you are using the system dark theme. To activate dark mode, open the System Preferences and go to the General preference. Here select the dark theme and Google Chrome automatically adopt the dark mode. In some areas of the Google Chrome interface, the dark mode is causing unreadable experience. However, the overall experience of the dark mode in Google Chrome is fresh and interesting.

Enabling Google Chrome Dark Mode in Windows

Enabling dark mode in Google Chrome on Windows is not a straight forward process. To enable the option, you need to force Windows with a switch.

Google Chrome Dark Mode in Windows 10

To force enable the dark mode, create a Googe Chrome shortcut on the Desktop. Now right-click on the icon and select properties from the context menu. Here in the properties window, go to the shortcut tab and in the target field, enter the following command.


Now close the Chrome and relaunch using the desktop shortcut and you will see dark mode in Google Chrome. If Chrome still showing the normal mode, restart your system to changes take effect.

The issue with Windows is the no straightforward option to enable the dark mode. If you want to switch between the light and dark mode in the Windows, you will need to use a desktop created shortcut for the dark mode. For light, mode opens Google Chrome from another location like a new Chrome shortcut on the desktop.

We are expecting a fix for this issue in the next Google Chrome build 74 which is just a couple of weeks away. The new Google Chrome build 74 will come with the support for Windows dark mode option.

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