How To Find Reliable Suppliers And Wholesalers For Your Dropshipping Business

Finding reliable suppliers for Dropshipping is considered as one of the most important parts when you set up your online business. While going on a hunt for legit wholesaler for dropshipping, you may find a lot of imposters. It will be a lot difficult actually to differentiate them from a legit supplier. In this segment, we give you tips and point out some handy resources that can help you lend across a reliable wholesaler.

But, it doesn’t end here; dealing with them is an entirely different story. We also break down some common frauds and other schemes that you must stay away while dealing with any supplier. So let’s get started.

How to Find Dropshipping Suppliers

Soon after you have done the market research and decided on a product to sell, the next thing that you need is a supplier. Let’s see a different way that can connect you with a varied range of wholesalers.

Contact the Manufacturer

Contact manufacturer

After you have found your winning product for dropshipping, firstly you need to contact its manufacturing company. From there, you can get contacts of actual distributors of the product. So after getting the list, start off with the one who is closest to your city.

Tell them about the business opportunity in the online segment and your requirements. Chances are they get such calls quite frequently so they might take you like another guy who just enquires and leave but show them some interest and convey your plans clearly. This is one of the easiest ways to get your hands on legitimate wholesalers, plus they also have a wide range of different products which you can keep under your niche.

Buying from competitors

It’s the last resort for the ones who find it difficult in locating a legit supplier. Any which way you need to use this at least once to get the idea of competition and experience the product first hand. So here’s how the buying from competition trick works. First, you place the order and when you receive it, check the return address. Search it on Google and nine out of ten times you will stumble upon a wholesaler.

Even if you don’t then you can contact on the phone number to check who is on the receiving side. Usually, everything related to returns and replacement is handled by the supplier itself, so there must be no trouble in finding one with this method.

Using Google Search with different keywords


A bit different Google search with operators and different keywords can yield some good hidden results.  All you need to do here is type in the [product] hat you want with keywords such as wholesaler, dropship, reseller, distributor, bulk, supplier, etc. Suppose if your product is a power bank, then your search must look like ‘power bank wholesaler’.

You won’t find wholesalers quickly. It’s due to their poor website design and no SEO. They usually deal with a lot of dealers on a daily basis plus these type of sellers are typically old fashioned and won’t care much about how their online presence looks.

Now you won’t find results that you need quickly, usually, you need to skim through almost 9-10 pages. Chances are your supplier is hiding on roughly 70th result of google search so you will meet him seven pages later.

You can even try Dropshipping or Wholesale supplier of the product in your local area. So the search will look like ‘Product wholesaler in Pune’. Even here skim through at least six to seven pages for actionable leads.

Using Dropshipping platforms

There are some great platforms that connect buyers and sellers. It’s incredibly convenient, secure, and anyone can get started right away. You can even use it to explore the margin on products and eventually discover more products in the process. One such platform is Oberlo. Here you can find the products, select them and directly import it to your Shopify store.

One great thing about such platforms is that you don’t have to worry about the supplier as they will be legit and usually verified by the platform itself to maintain the quality. But, there’s also a con. The platform that you choose might charge a certain amount per product, or it can also have monthly fees for their services.

Supplier Directories

It’s not essential to have a supplier directory, but it will definitely save a lot of time, and you can use it for different products as well. Directories usually contain a database of wholesalers, distributors that are organised by market, product or a niche. Often, the company selling such directories have a vetting process in place to identify and include genuine sellers for any category. There’s a certain amount that you need to pay in order to get your hands on these directories. We have mentioned some of the well-known directories that you can check out if you plan to purchase it.

1. Worldwide Brands

As the name suggests, you get a wholesaler database from different parts of the world. In Worldwide brands, all the sellers are verified, and only those are included who meets a particular set of guidelines defined by the company to ensure its quality. And they have been collecting these data for 20 years. You get all of it for $224, and it stays with you for a lifetime. They host over 16million products, and you can quickly identify top-level certified sellers for specific products. Go for it if you are comfortable paying one time-payment. They also offer a free preview which you can check out before purchasing.

2. Doba

With a motto to simplify Dropshipping Doba consists of around 139 suppliers. It does not merely list anyone but offers you an integrated service where you can list its products directly on eBay, Amazon or Shopify. It has fewer suppliers as it provides end to end integrated services and not just catalogue. You can get started with a 30days free trial to test their services and continue with them for a monthly subscription of  $29 per month with basic supplier details and products if you see fit. They also provide upgrades ranging from $69 to $249.

3. Salehoo

It is one of the cheapest directories that provides a vast database and some extra features such as market research labs to identify trends and do market research for gaining deeper insights into completion and the niche you choose for dropshipping. Salehoo comes with over 8000+ pre-vetted suppliers, 25 million+ products and great customer support. One thing to notice is that they have a lot of suppliers directly from eBay and Amazon. Additionally, they also have a smart seller training program that can help you out on your dropshipping journey. You can get everything that it offers for $67/year.


Summing up the process to find a reliable dropshipping wholesaler, you can use directories, do a standard google search, or even try getting products from the competitor. Directly calling up the manufacturer is the safest option to get instant leads on wholesalers if you haven’t started the Dropshipping business, then do check out our Guide on Dropshipping that explains you the step by step procedure to get started with a profitable dropshipping business with a minimum investment.

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