How to Change Screen Saver on Android TV

Are you using an Android TV and want to change its screensaver? In this article, we are going to look at the steps required to use a different screen saver on your Android TV. No matter which version of the Android your TV is running, these steps will work for most of them. But it is recommended to keep your Android TV up to date as the latest versions come with more features and bug fixes which will be beneficial for you in so many areas apart from just tweaking the screensaver. Without further due, let’s see how we can change the screen saver.

To Change Screen Saver of your Android TV

  1. Click the Gear icon at the top to go to the settings.
  2. Select Device Preferences.
  3. Click on Screen Saver.
  4. Once again choose the Screen Saver option.
  5. Choose the screen saver you want.
  6. Press back button on your remote.

Based on your TV manufacturer and the version of the Android you are using, you may be asked for additional information such as When to Start, Put Device to Sleep, Start Now, Sleep Now, Stay Awake on Music. You can use those options if you want to.

The process is this simple on most of the Android TVs out there. However, some advanced TVs may need additional setup or may contain additional settings in the Screen Saver section. You can go through them and make the necessary changes that fit your needs.

If you are using screen savers from the Play Store, or any other screen saver applications installed on your TV, these steps may not work. You might need to open that specific application and make changes there to tweak your screen saver. Though there are a lot of applications available for the purpose, it is recommended to stick to the factory screen savers to prevent your device from taking up resources and consuming more power. Screen savers are known for power consumption when used badly. So beware of that.

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