What’s New in Windows 11

With Windows 11 around the corner, you might be interested in knowing more about the latest Microsoft OS. There are thousands of videos and articles published online already about the features and functions that Windows 11 will bring to the users. So we have decided to incorporate all of them to let you know all about it in a single article. Today we will be taking a deep look at the Microsoft OS that claimed the “last Microsoft OS” title from the mighty Windows 10 that has been around for a while (at least until Microsoft releases another version as they did with Windows 10).

Some of these features may/may not be removed/revised when the final version of Windows 11 is available to download.

Android Apps

With Windows 11, users can start using Android applications right on their computer without having to install any third-party applications such as BlueStacks. This is probably one of the most significant changes that you will see on Windows 11 compared to the previous Windows versions. The native support for the Android applications will ensure that almost all of the popular Android apps will work seamlessly on Windows 11. The apps will be available through the Microsoft Store integrated with the Amazon Appstore.

Start Menu and Taskbar Redesign

It seems like Microsoft is moving away from the traditional left-aligned start menu and taskbar design. Everything including the start menu icon is aligned at the center of the taskbar giving it a fresh, and cleaner look compared to the previous versions. You may like it or hate it, it will be based on your personal preferences and how you want your taskbar to look like. From the initial impression, it seems like, they trying to make everything much cleaner with the new design improvements. If you don’t like the new design, you can always go back to the left-align model from the settings.


Do you remember the time when Microsoft allowed you to use widgets on your desktop? The old Vista users or Windows 7 users might be familiar with this feature that saved a ton of time browsing through the applications. In Microsoft Windows 11, the feature will come back in a different style. Widgets can be added or removed in the start menu for easier access to certain features or functionalities. We are not yet sure if it will be the same as it was in the older versions. Even though it seems blotted with Microsoft news service, you can customize it the way you like it. Hopefully, they won’t limit the customizability of the widgets.

Snap Groups

Windows already comes with a feature to easily organize different Windows for multitasking. In the latest version, this feature will be further enhanced with Snap Groups. Windows will now remember the layouts you set before allowing you to easily get back to the same layout. This will be extremely beneficial for those who frequently work with the same layout and do not want to rearrange windows every single time. The feature also comes with additional functionalities that focus to make it easier to work with multiple windows.

A much smoother design

Microsoft switched to a rectangular design starting from Windows 8. The Microsoft Windows 11 seems to go back to its predecessor styling with a much smoother design all over the operating system. Windows have round corners, icons also possess the same, and the overall design also flows seamlessly. It feels more like a mobile operating system on a larger screen especially with the addition of the Android applications to the platform. Probably, their attempt to make a second entry to the smartphone market.

Microsoft Teams

Connecting with people has never been easier. Windows 11 will come with Microsoft Teams integration that will allow you to communicate with your loved ones, colleagues, friends, etc., right from your Windows PC. You do not have to depend on third-party applications. So if you enjoy the features provided by Microsoft Teams and don’t want to install another application, you can do that. If you prefer other services such as Google Chat, Zoom, etc., you would have to abandon this functionality.

Xbox Game Pass

The Xbox app is now integrated with Windows 11 opening a quick way to access your game pass. Those who enjoy playing Xbox game pass games will find this feature extremely beneficial to quickly switch between the games, access them whenever they feel like it, and engage with the community. Almost all of the features including the game bar stays the same as it was on Windows 10. So you are not missing anything.

There might be some features that we still don’t know about Windows 11 that will get eventually implemented before the official release. These are the known features that we are aware of and will be available on the OS unless Microsoft decides to change something. So, let’s wait for the release.

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